• WakaWaka ensures that everyone can enjoy the energy of the sun

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Since 2012
Founders: Maurits Groen & Camille van Gestel
Origin: Haarlem, the Netherlands
Owned by T.S.M. Business School

About Waka Waka

The sun is the world's biggest energy source. Clean, inexhaustible and available all over the planet: the ultimate solution for everyone who needs electricity. With its ecologically responsible solar products, WakaWaka ensures that everyone can use the sun's energy - backpackers, festival-goers, but also refugees or entrepreneurs in rural areas. The powerful, compact chargers, lights and handy accessories provide you with power in every adventure!

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Contact – Waka Waka

Belgium and Luxemburg

Bieke Vanduffel
+32 494 47 45 27

Yan Trouwen
+32 476 57 55 70

The Netherlands

Patrick Hulleman
+31 6 1503 46 84

Lennard van den Boom
+31 6 8332 17 34

Impact map

Worldwide, more than one billion people are still not connected to the electricity grid. They are dependent on dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps, batteries and candles. Each WakaWaka product sold contributes to making light and energy accessible in developing countries and ensures that they too get the most out of their day, because they can now also work in the evening or do homework. WakaWaka also offers help in crisis situations. In five years, WakaWaka has had an unprecedented impact with 257 different projects in 63 countries.