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Tilley Hats profile

Since 1980
Founder: Alex Tilley
Origin: Canada
Owned by Tilley Endurables

About Tilley Hats

The Canadian Tilley Hats are beloved by many outdoor enthusiasts. They are made of solid and durable materials with maximum sun protection and good ventilation. Even in cold weather or in the rain, a Tilley hat comes in handy, because it is water-repellent and fast-drying. Thanks to their loose fit, these hats for women and men are comfortable to wear while sailing or traveling. Tilley Hats offer a lifetime warranty against wear and tear, and you can insure them against loss and theft via a registration card.

Tilley Hat range




Winter & Summer models

For men, women and children

Contact – Tilley

Belgium and Luxemburg

Yan Trouwen
+32 476 57 55 70

The Netherlands

Patrick Hulleman
+31 6 1503 46 84

Lennard van den Boom
+31 6 8332 17 34