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Smartwool profile

Since 1994
Founders: Peter & Patty Duke
Origin: Steamboat Springs, Colorado USA
Owned by VF Corporation
Active against mulesing

About Smartwool

Merino wool textiles that look great and perform even better. That’s what Smartwool is all about. Smartwool has a collection for men, women and children. Its outstanding reputation in merino wool products is all thanks to an exceptional range of socks. Expect genuine innovation in both function and design: a real must-have for everyone with style.


Life is too short to wear boring socks! Smartwool’s collection is the perfect blend of funky and function. The socks look great and perform even better. Thanks to wool’s natural moisture-wicking properties they are a real treat for your feet! Don’t hesitate kick off your shoes and put your feet up: with Smartwool socks, no one will mind. Your feet will feel fresh whether you’ve just had the adventure of a lifetime or simply survived another day in the urban jungle.

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Fishing & Hunting

Ski & Snowboard


Women, Men and Childeren

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Belgium and Luxemburg

Dominic Declercq
+32 475 69 04 06

The Netherlands

Patrick Hulleman
+31 6 1503 46 84

Lennard van den Boom
+31 6 8332 17 34


The perfect fusion of function and everyday style. Clothes that feel perfect no matter what daily life brings. Smartwool blurs the boundaries between performance gear and easy-wearing comfort, without sacrificing either. Our range includes all the basic items: underwear, tees, hoodies and jackets. And because our Merino wool clothing is easy to care for, you can spend less time doing laundry and more time out having fun.


The first layer is the last thing on your mind, until it lets you down. Smartwool underwear is pure pleasure against your skin. It has all the right details in the right places: flatlock seams and wide bands of elastic. Hooray, no more chafing! Thanks to its Core Spun Technology, your wonderwear always stays in shape. Even when things start to heat up

The sheep

The sheep that provide our wool are our pride and joy: these furry friends are treated with the best possible care. Smartwool takes traceability seriously and keeps a careful eye on where the wool comes from. It is only supplied by farms that provide sustainable care for their flocks, their land and their employees.


We’ve taken our magical Merino fibre and spun it around a nylon thread (Core Spun Technology) to add extra durability to our favourite fabric. Thanks to this innovation and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can now enjoy even more mind-blowing comfort on all your adventures. Smartwool base layers keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot temperatures. The 150 and 250 series are true benchmarks in the outdoor industry.