• Designs durable products that replace mountains of single-use waste—and last a lifetime.

Profile Klean Kanteen

Since 2004
Founders: Jeff Cresswell & Michelle Kalberer
Origin: Chico, California, USA
Owned by Jeff Cresswell & Michelle Kalberer
1% for the planet board member, B-corporation

About Klean Kanteen

“Bring your own” is the motto of the American drinking bottle brand Klean Kanteen. Since 2004, this eco-label has sold sustainable and reusable drinking bottles in stainless steel (brushed or not). The great advantage of this material is that after cleaning, no trace of taste or smell remains in the bottle, which is often the case with other materials. Your sports drinks, coffee, smoothie, water, fruit juice, kombucha or other tea will never taste or smell like the previous drink.


Reusable Klean Kanteen bottles are eco-friendly, and also beautifully designed. Through powder coating - an ecological process - they are available in all the colours of the rainbow! Those who want to make it even more unique can personalize larger numbers of their stainless steel drinking bottle through printing or laser engraving. Klean Kanteen also has reusable cups and cups for hot drinks, cans and jugs, thermos storage jars, baby bottles, sealing caps and other accessories.

Klean Kanteen range

Drinking bottles

Insulated drinking bottles


Cups, tumblers and beakers

Food canisters

Children and babies

Drinking straws


Contact Klean Kanteen

Belgium and Luxemburg

Bieke Vanduffel
+32 494 47 45 27

Yan Trouwen
+32 476 57 55 70

The Netherlands

Patrick Hulleman
+31 6 1503 46 84

Lennard van den Boom
+31 6 8332 17 34