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Since 1928
Founder: Alexander Krause
Origin: Kemptthal, Switzerland
Owned by the Katadyn Group / Aquafides

About Katadyn

While travelling, potable water is not always available everywhere, especially during adventurous trekking. Katadyn products can even easily purify mud into potable water. The Katadyn Vario, Combi, Pocket, Hiker Pro, Survivor Pro and other water filters, along with Micropur water purification tablets, protect you completely against bacteria, protozoa, viruses and chemical contamination and filter out bad tastes from the water. The light and compact Katadyn Mini does the same and fits perfectly in your jacket pocket! MyBottle is a convenient drinking bottle with built-in water filter.

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Belgium & Luxemburg

Yan Trouwen
+32 476 57 55 70